# JobDetails

This component displays information about a single job along with a form to apply for the job. This is built only for guest users.

# Properties

Value Description Default Required
applicationSuccessMessage Message to display when the user applies for the job Thank you for applying for the job Yes
applicationSuccessRedirectPage Page to redirect when the application is successful /jobs Yes

# Sample Page

title = "Job"
url = "/job/:job_slug"
layout = "default"
description = "This page displays a single job with a application form"
is_hidden = 0

applicationSuccessMessage = "Thank you for applying for the job. We will get back to you shortly"
applicationSuccessRedirectPage = "/jobs"
<div class="container m-t-lg">
    {% component 'jobDetails' %}

When the application is successful the user will be redirected to the page specified in the [applicationSuccessRedirectPage] property. To display the message set in the [applicationSuccessMessage] property you can add the following twig flash markup to the intended page.

    {% flash success %}
        <div class="alert alert-success">{{ message }}</div>
    {% endflash %}