# Getting started

# Installation

The Fytinnovations.Careers plugin depends on RainLab.Location and RainLab.Translate.

# Via Marketplace

The plugin can be found on the official October CMS Marketplace. You can install it via the Projects feature of the Marketplace itself or via your installation's backend settings.

# Via Console

The easiest way to get you started is by using the command line:

php artisan plugin:install rainlab.location
php artisan plugin:install rainlab.translate
php artisan plugin:install fytinnovations.careers

# Seeding sample data

After the installation is complete, you may want to seed sample data in order to test how the plugin works.

php artisan careers:seed-sample-data

You can also use the --force (-f) option which will run the command forcefully without any questions.

php artisan careers:seed-sample-data --force

If you want to switch back to original state use the command

php artisan plugin:refresh Fytinnovations.Careers